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Rozmond Marie Knox

June 26, 1978 – May 16, 2018  


Marie’s Vision
Women’s Ministry Plus You


It is my desire that women all over the world, whether young, old, single, married or divorced discover who they are in Christ so they can learn how to live magnificently on the earth.  It is obvious that each one of us has a journey that we must take in life.  The question is, “Are you going to take the path that will lead you into the destiny that God has for you, or, will you walk the way of the world (contrary to the Word of God)?” 

My vision for you is to:
1) Know who you are in Christ,
2) Know what it means to be Women of God in the earth,
3) Discover your purpose/destiny that God has for your life and walk in it, and
4) Live magnificently on the planet.

My mission is to help build Kingdom Women on the earth; to equip and encourage women on how to live life beautifully, the way God intended us to live.  My goal is for you to not see yourself through your eyes, but to learn how to see yourself through the eyes of God as you are transformed into the image of Christ (Romans 12:1).

As you and I take the journey together of building our vocabulary, we will learn how to be that woman of God we are destined to be through exploring various biblical terminology.  As we grow in the Lord by being transformed in the image of Christ (Roman 12:1),  Kingdom Women will not just be an idea, but a LIFESTYLE.

Come join with me on this glorious journey!

R. Marie Knox