Vision for Women’s Ministry Plus You

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Our Vision

    • Covering the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the World Wide Web (Mark 16:15).
    • Ministering to women of all ages and nationalities; equipping them from the Word of God, so they may be empowered to make an impact and effective difference in their own personal lives.
    • Thus they will become a catalyst, making a positive impact and positive difference in their homes and communities as virtuous women of God.

Women of Power, Love & Faith.

Dale Golder – “On the Go”


Women’s Ministry Plus You

Our Contributors


Pastor Jann T. Butler

Pastor Jann T. Butler is the Founder and Senior pastor at By His Word Christian Center in Tacoma, Washington. Some of his sermons are featured on our website in the My Pastor’s Corner section on The Spoken Word page.


Pastor John Cook

Pastor John Cook contributes educational material in the A Walk in the Word with Pastor John P. Cook section on The Spoken Word page of our website.  He is a highly respected teacher of the Word of God and Christian counselor using the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.


Darryl Hall

Darryl has written beautiful and uplifting poetry that can be found in the Poetic Response section on our Perspective page.


Lottie Marin

Lottie is the author of a story about family relationships and personal revelation on the La Session de Espanol (The Spanish Section) page.


Evangelist Donner Roberson

Donner’s post You Can Have Peace is featured on our Perspective page.

Donner’s life before Jesus was not a pretty picture, but to His glory and praise, He took a broken life and molded it into something He could use for His honor and His Kingdom.


Apostle Charlene Allen

One of the Daily Ministries from Apostle Charlene Allen’s posts on the W.I.S.D.O.M. Ministries Daily Word website is displayed on our Perspective page. 

Apostle Charlene Allen has served in the Kingdom of God for over 25 years.


Catherine Robins

Listen to Catherine’s four part audio series, Choose Peace on our Perspective page.

Catherine is a daughter of God who loves the Lord.  She has spent over thirty years growing in her walk with Jesus, and encouraging others in their walk.

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