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Welcome to the Women’s Ministry Plus You Website!

The Women’s Ministry plus You Website Hails from the Great Pacific Northwest, in Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A.
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The Lord gave me a vision of becoming His Pioneer Woman.

The Women’s Ministry Plus You website came from the conception of a convoy of covered wagons that is significant to me in that as a young teen, I thought a great deal about the life of women who traveled on the Oregon Trail during 1842 – 1860.  One summer when I was a young girl, my two cousins and I discussed in great length what it might have been like to be a Pioneer Woman traveling on the Oregon Trail.  Those thoughts have stayed with me over the years and I have always been so very happy and thankful to the Lord that I was not born during that period of time.  I have not had to endure the hardships that I envisioned those women must have lived through.  I have great respect for these Pioneer Women, yet I am so thankful that I was born in 1951 and not 1851.

I have on many occasions teased my daughter about the fact that she and I would not have made it as a pioneer woman traveling over uncharted territory, in a smelly horse driven covered wagon (with no air conditioner) and cooking food in the wide open country (with no filtered or clean running water).  Most horrid of all, no blow dryers for our hair care!  We would laugh and laugh about this scenario, because the timing for these things was not right. I always enjoyed laughing and talking about this with my daughter, because our idea of rustic was an overnight stay at a certain motel in Pasco, Washington.

Through this vision the Lord gave me the name of the Women’s Ministry Plus You website.  The WMPYou website is a tool to minister to women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

This ministry tool will cause women to know the love of God through its different features, therefore empowering women with knowledge and understanding of who they are in Jesus and who Jesus is in them.  This will enable them to share the love of God with their family, in their home, their community and their work or play place.

Plus You of the Women’s Ministry includes men of all ages, youth and children, both male and female, affected by and who come in contact with these power-house women who are wrapped up, tied up and tangled up in Jesus.

Roselyn Clarice Knox
Founder and President


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